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A commercial mortgage is a loan given to a partnership, limited company or incorporated business, to buy a commercial property.

Commercial mortgages are different from residential mortgages in a number of ways, including:


  • The loan-to-value ratio may be lower for a commercial mortgage, meaning less of the total value of the property is covered by the loan. This means you'll need a larger down payment than a residential mortgage.

  • The interest rate on a commercial mortgage is higher than on a residential mortgage.



It is important to identify exactly what type of property you are looking to finance. 


Residential real estate can be financed under a commercial mortgage if it is purchased as an investment property.


This can fall into one of three categories.

  1. Pure residential, 1-4 units

  2. Pure residential, 5 or more units

  3. Residential Commercial Mixed


A typical down payment on a mixed property falls between 20 - 35%. A pure commercial property is typically higher, near 50%. Your risk profile will determine the down payment that is required.

Tony took the time to meet with me on numerous occasions to ensure that I understood what my finances looked like, what I could afford, and where I was comfortable with various costs. He also answered any questions I had even after the meeting. He was readily available and always replied to my calls, emails, and texts in an extremely timely manner.

Victoria H.


If you and your business are ready to begin the commercial mortgage process, I'd love to help! Let's chat about what options are available for you in Calgary, Okotoks, Red Deer, Lethbridge or Cochrane.

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